Results - FS Nov. 2019 - Oxford, MS

Nov 04, 2019

Mississippi's first First Saturday was a success!
We had 19 people attend, resulting in:

  • 2,455,268 AP Gained
  • 56 km walked
  • 7343 resonators deployed

As for the Leaderboard:
Agent Aronwk led the Resistance with 338,131 AP gained, 6 km walked, and 812 resonators deployed!
PeanutsMom led the Enlightened with 535,607 AP gained and 1,999 resonators deployed, along with BlackCell89 with 5 km walked
Elightened agent mameone was the only agent to gain a level(12->13)!

We hope everyone had a blast and to see them at future events!

If you're looking for other events to attend:

Aaron Kimbrell

Agent Aronwk of the Resistance